Introducing you GPS Running Watch – most

accurate, powerful and precise stopwatch

available for your iPhone.

Either you are running for pleasure or

training as professional – GPS Running Watch

is your irreplaceable assistant to healthier

and longer live.

Don’t even think of getting one of that slick and

expensive standalone GPS devices, just try GPS

Running Watch instead. With GPS Running Watch

you can easily track how much you ran, how long it

was, how many calories were burned, what was the

pace or speed and finally, see that all on a map.

What we did in GPS Running Watch – is that we took

user experience to the new level. Our easy to use

and intuitive interface will help you to start running

anywhere and set up everything right on the go. We

thoroughly selected each and every element to show

and combined them in quite simple but unique and

outstanding user interface.


GPS Running Watch automatically records your time, distance, speed,
pace, calories burned, elevation and location.


Track your exact distance and pace for each and every workout using
Google Maps.


Full history, including running stats, organized by date and type, will
be available for you within the app. Check, compare and improve!


Calories, speed, pace and elevation graphs will visualize all their changes
and variations through the whole workout.


Fill in your personal weight, height, gender and age to make the stats
more precise and accurate.


Tell the world about your accomplishments via Facebook, Twitter and
Email by posting them to your favorite social websites.


Improve your personal results by exporting complete summaries of
your workouts in GPX, KML or CSV formats.


GPS Running watch is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or
iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0 or later.


Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically
decrease battery life.