Turn you Android device into stylish and feature packed Alarm Clock. Fall asleep and wake up to your favorite music. Enjoy gorgeous and stylish LED display by your bedside.


  • Stylish LED display with customizable LED color
  • Landscape/Portrait orientation
  • 12 or 24 Hour time display
  • Day of the week display

Product features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Stylish LED display
  • Multiple customizable alarms
  • Timer
  • High quality alarm sounds to choose from
  • Set a song from your music collection as alarm sound
  • Customizable snooze duration
  • Sleep Machine. Fall a sleep with songs from your music library
  • Portrait/Landscape mode
  • Slide to Stop the alarm
  • Background alarms

Sleep Machine

  • Set playing timer up to 3 hrs
  • Choose from 5 high quality relaxing sound tracks
  • Play your own music

  • Set unlimited customizable repeatable Alarms
  • Choose from 14 built in high quality alarm sounds
  • Set a song from your music library as alarm sound
  • Use a timer function to have a quick nap
  • Set snooze duration
  • Slide to stop alarm to prevent accidental alarm dismissal