Introducing you the most utilitarian and versatile LED Flashlight 4 in 1
a set of useful LED applications bundled in one convenient utility
All this amazing apps make LED Flashlight 4 in 1 is a trusted
companion in ANY kind of real life situation and a MUST-HAVE utility
app for all the iPhone 4 users.

Just imagine all that things you can do with it:
– Use in car emergency
– Find the lost keys
– Read the book at night
– Tell spooky stories in dark
– Light your way home
– Survive during the power outage
– Light Up the dance floor
– Send a morse code message
– Communicate in your own coded language
– Do the shadow theater
What else can be said?! Versatility + dependable
design + awesome brightness = LED Flashlight 4 in 1!
Don’t wait for it, go and get it!


Fast to come on, bright and powerful. Equipped with Dual Mode switch with a constant ON option and momentarily ON/OFF tactical pressure switch. Invent your own coded language and communicate with your friends by emitting bursts of bright light of arbitrary length by pushing and holding control button.


Sharp powerful magnifier with ratio up to 4x and combined with LED light will let you read the finest print and explore micro world to the greatest detail.


Light up the dance floor with a Strobe. Set desired
frequency with and enjoy the effect.


Morse code encoder and transmitter with easy to use
interface. Type in you message and hit transmit button.
Your message history is saved.