AppAnnex was founded in 2010 by group of seasoned developers who decided to open new horizons in mobile world. With more than 30 years of total development experience and hundreds of projects done, we thought of trying something new, something fast-growing, something so exciting that it would become our passion for life. And we did found that “SOMETHING”!

Mobile is Future!

Nowadays mobile development combines developers all over the world. For someone this is just a hobby, for us – it is a way of life. Mobile development is giving everyone a chance to turn even the simplest idea into brilliant application or game. It doesn’t matter what platform the developers are using: iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian or any other. Imagine them as the artists who just use these platforms to create their masterpieces and share with you.

Our mission is to bring to the market most innovative and entertaining mobile applications and games to enhance user’s mobile experience.